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It's not just about the final product; it's about the journey. We value the collaborative process and believe the best video solutions are born from open dialogue and a shared vision.

Our Story

We are AM Visuals, a video production company specializing in creating corporate and commercial videos for our clients. Our passion lies not only in learning about your business and gaining valuable insights into your industry but also in exploring the possibilities of video production to assist you.

We are genuinely curious and eager to comprehend the essential details of your company and industry. Still, most importantly, we are thrilled about how video production can contribute to your success.

Our primary objective is to produce videos that serve a BUSINESS PURPOSE. Whether it’s driving sales, expanding your follower base, engaging with your audience, attracting talent, or educating your staff, we strive to deliver impactful videos that align with your goals.

This is what we’re about and this is who we are.

We’re simply business-focused videographers.

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The AM Visuals Video Production Team

Here is the amazing team behind your videos!

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Phuong Tran

I remember playing with cameras at a very early age, my grandpa loved photography so naturally I gravitated to learning about how to operate cameras. Who would have thought years later it would have led to me starting up my very own production company and allowing me to do what I love. My passion is the technical side of things, I really enjoy taking things apart and figuring out how things work. The media industry is ever-changing and new technology is coming out every year. I really enjoy getting my hands on those new gear and using them to get the best picture quality for our clients.

AM Visuals video production team member


What I love most is business and people. When you’re able to connect the people with the business it becomes effortless. I’ve got over 10 years in business, whether that was working on the family business or building my own – I just love it. I really enjoy connecting with clients and getting them to share their vision of their business, then helping them build their brand is truly special.

am visuals video production team member


I am a musician at heart. Before I turned to cameras, I always had a guitar on hand. What allowed me to transition to video is music. I believe that through sound and pictures you are able to connect with your audience at a deeper level. Whilst filming, I’m the guy that’s super pedantic about the lights, audio, colours and want to make sure that we get the very best pictures regardless of who we are shooting for.

AM Visuals video production team member


With a love for storytelling in all its forms, I weave captivating marketing strategies for AM Visuals. Whether it’s wielding words, or crafting visuals, I’m a communication chameleon! But when I’m not building brand narratives, you’ll find me in a world of yarn and needles, bringing cozy creations to life through crochet, knitting, and cross-stitch.

A true pop culture sponge, I soak up sci-fi adventures, historical tales, the intrigue of true crime (don’t worry, I balance it out with!), and of course, the heartwarming world of rom-coms.

To help you get a sense of who we are (in our own words). Let us introduce ourselves!

A Little Bit More About Us

Play Video about AM Visuals About Us Page Bio Videos
Play Video about AM Visuals About Us Page Bio Videos
Play Video about AM Visuals About Us Page Bio Videos
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