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If your business website doesn’t have these 3 videos, is it really healthy? ​

Let’s face it, it’s not just about having a well-designed business website anymore. Your website must be engaging enough to capture your potential customer’s attention. Your website serves as an online storefront. It provides information and answers to questions people may have about your product or service. Thus, making it crucial in converting these visitors turn into potential customers. And the best way to do that, you might want to employ the use of videos.

Make sure your website is equipped and ready to engage your customers by checking its video hygiene! Videos are so much more effective than text, and the information packed in bite-sized videos can get through to your potential customers better than a whole page of detailed written information.

So, let’s dive into the 3 videos your website needs to be healthy!

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The Why Us Video – Business Website

The Why Us Video is all about who you are and the benefits of using your product or service. People want to know why they should choose you over any other company in the industry. They want to know why you are the better choice and the choice that can help solve their problems. Additionally, it can also highlight your company’s mission and values, and any special features your products or services may have.


The Process Video – Business Website

The Process Video is all about what each step of the process of working with you is like. This helps your potential customers understand exactly how things work and what the experience is like. Making them feel more comfortable with their decision to use your services. By understanding the step-by-step they can see the value your products or services can add to their lives. Additionally, you can also use this video as a platform for addressing any common questions or concerns that potential customers might have regarding your process.


The Case Study Video – Business Website

Last but not least, the Case Study Video lets potential customers learn more about who has used and benefited from your products or services in the past. In video format, it takes it one step further by showing actual footage of successful clients discussing their experiences with you, which adds an extra layer of credibility and genuine trustworthiness that words alone cannot provide. People want to see other people like them. They want to see what the outcome can be if your products and services are used. For this video to be effective, it should provide details on the challenge the customer was facing, the solution your business provided, and the positive results that were achieved.


Overall, incorporating videos into your website content is an effective way to engage visitors and keep them on your site longer.


Furthermore, by having videos on your website, visitors will be able to retain what you said better—which can only help increase user engagement on your site and take your business to the next level!

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Business Website Video FAQs

Business website videos are powerful tools that can significantly maximize your website impact. Videos capture attention, boost engagement, and communicate information more effectively than text alone. They can showcase your products or services in action, build trust with potential customers, and ultimately drive conversions.

Absolutely! High production values aren’t essential. Well-planned, informative videos shot with a smartphone can be highly effective. Focus on a clear message, good lighting, and high-quality audio.

Keep it concise! Attention spans online are short. Aim for explainer videos under 2 minutes and social proof videos under 1 minute to maximize engagement.

Strategic placement is key! Feature explainer videos prominently on product or service pages. Showcase customer testimonials and brand story videos on your homepage or “About Us” section. Utilize product demos throughout your website and social media channels. Consider social proof videos near calls to action or on landing pages.

Most website analytics tools track video views, engagement (likes, comments), and click-through rates on calls to action within your videos. Use this data to understand what resonates with your audience and improve future videos to further maximize your website impact.

It depends on your content. Explainer videos for core products or services might not need frequent updates. However, consider refreshing customer testimonials or social proof videos periodically to maintain relevance and showcase your latest achievements, further maximizing your website impact.

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