Commercial Video Production

In a recent study, it was found that 89% of consumers are convinced to avail of a product/service because of video ads.

About Commercial Video Production

A commercial video or video advertisement is a short 30-60 second video that showcases your business. product, or service in a creative and eye-catching way. Due to it originally coming out in high-priced spaces like tv, billboards, etc. The production process for a video ad tends to be highly priced due to the cost execution. 

But as 90% of consumers shift their eyes from tv to mobile, it has now become a more fierce battle for businesses to attract potential customers. It’s not just static digital ads anymore, it is the era of video for your online ads!

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AM Visuals BTS Video Shoot

Benefits of a Commercial Video for your business

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved engagement
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Enhanced credibility

How to Create
a Commercial video

Out of all video content that gets released online, video ads are one of those that can be considered highly produced and highly made, thus understanding the process is crucial.

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The key to success in any video production is having a solid plan in place, but when it comes to video ads another crucial factor is creativity. So aside from planning out all the steps, location, equipment, and crew needed, you also need to look at creating a creative approach to executing a video that your customers will remember.

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Employing the best is vital with a high-budget production. You need people you can trust in the planning and creative process. People that will not only cover all the nitty-gritty details of production but one that you can easily talk to in making sure the vision and call to action are clear.

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The actual shoot and editing process for a video ads can and almost always takes a long time, but this is all to ensure that the best outcome is the one your business will get.

Commercial Video Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

A commercial video is typically a 30 to 60 second short-form advertisement showcasing your company’s product or service, that is framed to capture your potential customers in a compelling way. Though these video ads are usually placed on TV and Digital Billboards, nowadays they are also being placed on streaming services and social media.

You can technically create any video for free as long as you have a video shooting device. But the best videos don’t come just out of nowhere. Generally, if you do the proper planning and ideation, have a sufficient budget, plus having the right crew to help you out, you can create a commercial video.

There is no fixed budget when making a commercial video. Generally, the amount you need to set will depend on the equipment, location, crew, scope, and editing your ideal video will need. Subsequently, it can cost you more if you need additional help for your video ad, like ideation, direction, stage design, etc.

Proper planning is the key to achieving a good commercial video. Particularly, through proper planning you can better foresee all the factors you need in creating your video.

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Cheryl GilesCheryl Giles
08:47 10 Dec 22
Weve done about 3 projects with AM visuals now and will continue to do more. These guys make the work effortless, have been able to adapt and produce brilliant work even with the very fast paced environment we are in day to day. They have a great eye for producing excellent content, show up on time and do what they say they are going to do. Whats really great is you can tell the team what result you want and they work hard to make it real. The knowledge they have is great and they listen to feedback well and adapt accordingly. I look forward to completing more great projects with these guys.
Victor LagosVictor Lagos
03:47 24 Nov 22
Jay, Phuong and Jerome have been amazing with strategy, production and social media marketing for my new podcast. They are very professional and thorough.They know their stuff and they work great as a team.This is just the beginning, I know we will work together long term. Thanks again AM Visuals
Jayden KietJayden Kiet
00:43 23 Nov 22
The best of the best in the industry. I have been working with AM VISUALS for over 2 years now. What a team! The service they provide are simply amazing. Fast turn around and quality product. They will always tailor to your needs and listen to your request. They are truly experts in their field. I have explored and used many other companies before but after working with AM VISUALS, I’ve never looked back. They execute my vision but will bring their own taste to it. I’ve used them for my business and personal. Highly recommended.
Wally GebraelWally Gebrael
07:16 22 Nov 22
I met Jay from AM Visuals during filming of a podcast with another company. I was so impressed with the professionalism and experience of the team, that I invited Jay to provide several promotional videos for our company.I can not recommend AM Visuals highly enough. The quality of their work is exceptional, and the team are vey accommodating and just easy to work with.I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for any type of video production work.
23:23 26 Aug 22
Phuong and Jay were awesome to work with. They guided me on my social media marketing strategies and produced awesome photo and video content for my business. Thanks boys for everything

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