Best Practices for Video Marketing on Social Media – Repurposing and Remixing

Repurposing existing video content is a strategic and cost-effective approach to social media video marketing.

Standing out on social media can feel like an uphill battle. With every brand vying for attention, consistently creating fresh and engaging video content can be exhausting. But what if the key to captivating your audience doesn’t always lie in crafting something brand new? 

That’s where repurposing and remixing existing video content comes in. It’s a strategy that is not only strategic but also cost-effective. And with the help of videographer editing and a quality video production service, it’s about working smarter, not harder. Here’s what you need to know.

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01 The Power of Repurposing and Remixing Video Content

The Power of Repurposing and Remixing Video Content

Repurposing existing video content can be an effective way for brands to maximise the impact of their content and reach a wider audience. With this approach, brands can avoid the need for constantly creating new videos, which can lead to content fatigue among their audience. Refreshing and remixing existing content can keep your brand relevant and engaging without overwhelming your audience. 

The beauty of repurposing lies in its ability to breathe new life into your content. Whether it’s through the skilled hands of a video editing agency or the creative vision of Sydney production companies, repurposing allows your brand to maintain a consistent and impactful presence across various social media platforms.

02 Identifying Repurposing Opportunities

Identifying Repurposing Opportunities


Finding opportunities to repurpose content requires a keen eye and a bit of creativity. Start by reviewing your existing video assets. Is that long explainer video gathering digital dust? It’s a goldmine of bite-sized snippets waiting to be shared on platforms like Instagram or TikTok. 

Customer testimonials, often overlooked, can be transformed into powerful product promotion clips. Even behind-the-scenes footage offers a treasure trove of content, perfect for humanising your brand and telling your story in a more relatable way. 

Tailoring your repurposed content to fit the specific demands of each social media platform is crucial. For instance, the vertical format and brevity of Instagram Reels call for a different approach than what might be preferred for Facebook in-feed videos. 

This customisation is where the expertise of web video production services in Sydney and video editing company professionals prove invaluable. They understand each platform and can help optimise your content for maximum impact.

03 Remixing Strategies for Social Media Success

Remixing Strategies for Social Media Success

Remixing strategies offer a way to make content more engaging and tailored for specific platforms. Strategies include:

Creative Editing

The secret of engaging videos often lies in their editing. By highlighting key points, adding catchy captions, incorporating music, and including compelling calls to action, videos can be transformed to captivate viewers.

Play Video about 03.1 4ESYDNEYxBlacktown Council - HipHop Event

Platform-Specific Tweaks

Each social media platform has unique expectations, especially regarding video. Optimising videos to fit these—whether it’s adjusting video length or aspect ratio or utilising platform-specific features like stickers and polls on Instagram Stories—can significantly enhance viewer engagement.

Play Video about 03.2 The Business Diaries of Phuong and Jay

Series Creation

One-off videos can capture attention, but a series keeps viewers returning for more. Repurposing content into a multi-part video series sustains audience interest and builds anticipation for future content, fostering a deeper connection with your brand over time.

Play Video about 03.3 DeLonghi Latte Art Series

User-Generated Content Integration

Encouraging users to create their own remixes or participate in challenges is a brilliant way to boost engagement and brand awareness. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels are perfect for hosting such interactive content, turning viewers into active participants.

Play Video about 03.4 Spotify Wrapped
04 Australian Social Media Landscape

Australian Social Media Landscape

Popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube continue dominating Australia’s video content scene. Each platform offers unique opportunities for brands to connect with their audience through engaging video content.

Types of video content that strike a chord with Australian audiences include comedy and drama, explainer videos with a casual tone, and user-generated content. These genres tend to perform well as they offer entertainment, information, or relatability, which are key to capturing viewers’ attention.

A trend in the Australian market is the rise of short-form video content, particularly on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. This trend reflects a broader global shift towards bite-sized content that delivers value in an easily digestible format.

By implementing effective remixing strategies and understanding the dynamics of the Australian social media video landscape, brands can maximise their social media engagement and build a stronger connection with their audience.

05 Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Several free or affordable video editing tools are readily available and highly effective for those looking to repurpose and remix content without breaking the bank.


DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful option for those requiring advanced features without a price tag. Its colour correction and audio post-production capabilities make it an excellent choice for enhancing your existing content.


Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush offers an intuitive interface perfect for quick edits and adjustments on the go, appealing to both beginners and seasoned creators.


Kapwing, a web-based editor, simplifies the video creation process with its user-friendly tools for trimming clips, adding text, and more – all accessible from anywhere, including within Australia.

While these tools offer a great starting point, partnering with a video production company like AM Visuals might be a better option for brands aiming for higher-quality, professionally crafted video content.

AM Visuals provides comprehensive professional videography services, from videographer editing to full-scale Sydney video production. Opting for a professional production agency in Sydney ensures every aspect of your video, from concept to completion, is handled with expert care and attention to detail, aligning perfectly with your brand’s identity and marketing goals.

06 Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Exploring different ways of using and combining your video content on social media platforms can increase engagement and audience expansion. To accurately measure the success of your efforts, though, it’s important to track your results and analyse which formats and styles are most appealing to your audience.

If you’re ready to take your video content to the next level, contact the AM Visuals team for experts in Sydney video production company services. Whether you need production companies in Sydney Australia for a large-scale project or need targeted video production services in Sydney for social media campaigns, we’re here to help!

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