How Do I Choose the Right Video Production Agency for My Podcast?

When it comes to finding the perfect production partner for your videos, there are a few key things to bear in mind as the person hiring a video production service.

Congratulations on feeling ready to launch your vodcast! Putting your face to an audio recording is a courageous thing to do. Whether you’re hiring video services in Sydney, or a one-person show doing-it-all themselves, understanding your potential costs is an important part of any successful business plan.

Remember that creating content that engages with your audience is the most important thing, the rest of the video podcasting know-how will come with time and experience. Contact AM Visuals today to learn how we can help you start your journey into video production and put your face in front of millions of watching Aussies.

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Finding the Perfect Production Partner for Your Videos!

When it comes to finding the perfect production partner for your videos, there are a few key things to bear in mind as the person hiring a video production service.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Video Production Agency

Not Just a Camera: Key Considerations for Choosing a Video Production Agency

There are a few key considerations when choosing a video production company in Sydney, beyond the fancy camera gear or their editing skills.


Experience and Expertise

Podcast Experience

Does the advertising video production agency have documented experience with podcast video production? Do any of their company reviews talk about how the company aided the client in producing video for a podcast? Look for these reviews when considering companies offering video production in Sydney.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that these companies understand the difference between producing video for podcasts and regular video work. Podcasts (and their videos) need to have a synchronicity to them. An ebb and flow that keeps the audience engaged. The audio and video have to match exactly, otherwise the audience will be turned off by the poor production quality.


Industry Knowledge

Modern podcasting is an industry all by itself, and having the knowledge of how the industry works and why people keep listening to podcasts is a necessary prerequisite for any video production company offering their services to podcasters. Additionally, consider video production companies that cater to the specific niche that your podcast is about. They’ll bring that knowledge and passion for the industry to the table in their work.


Portfolio Review

Finally, any video production company worth their salt has a carefully curated and widely available portfolio of work that they should be ready to share with you at a moment’s notice. If their portfolio is poorly put together, or non-existent, you’re likely dealing with an amateur. While we all have to start somewhere, you should only consider seasoned professionals for your vodcasting projects.


Communication and Collaboration 

Look for an agency that is genuinely passionate about your project and insists on collaborating with you to bring that project to life. Some video production companies tend to take the ball out of the client’s court and do all the work for them. This is not ideal in a video production agency where the focus should be on elevating their client’s work, brand or business.

Consistent communication leads to fruitful collaboration. Ensure that the video production agencies you’re interviewing for the role are communicating with you and share your enthusiasm.


Budget and Value

The video production agency should have a clear and easy to understand pricing structure that details their deliverables and your expenses in a detailed fashion. This should also include any extra fees for things like additional editing, equipment, or other unforeseen circumstances.

You shouldn’t just choose the cheapest video production service that you can find in Sydney. Instead, carefully examine each pricing model and go with the one that best suits your needs while providing value for your money. 


Location and Accessibility

Your video production company of choice should be happy to meet with you in-person when possible. While it’s not necessary in the digital age, the company should be willing to meet with you on your terms. Everything in business is better discussed in-person! 

One important aspect of your video production company of choice is what time zone they’re in! Choose one that aligns with your time zone, if you have to work with them remotely. A Sydney video production company will be in the GMT-7 time zone.  

How to Communicate Effectively With Potential Agencies

How to Communicate Effectively With Potential Agencies

Effective communication with any potential video production agency is critical to a smooth working relationship. Follow some of these tips to ensure effective communication throughout.

Prepare a Brief: Create a clear outline of your vision for the podcast videography. This should outline your desired production style, target audience and any specific requests you may have for the agency.

Ask Relevant Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions of the agency, including about their work history, their niche or specialisation and what their workflow looks like. Get as technical as you like, but keep it relevant.

Discuss Timelines and Budget: Ensure that you know what you want from the video production. If you need one video per week for a weekly show, communicate that effectively to the agency. Be upfront about your budget and ensure that their fees will fit within it.

Podcasting Production Resources for Aussies

Below are some resources to help you find the finest video production agency in Australia!

Online Directories: Start your search online with “LookBook” or “Production Paradise”, these allows for video production companies based on location, industry experience and budget.

Australian Production Commission: This industry-specific website provides detailed information about local video production agencies.

Networking: Word of mouth is key in any creative industry. Network with other Australian podcasters who have video production to see who they used for their work!

A Podcasting Partnership for Success

Investing in the future of your podcast by expanding into video production is a great idea! Your job now is to find the right video production partner for your podcast to produce a dynamic, watchable show that will leave audiences clamouring for more episodes!

Speak to the team at AM Visuals to see how we can help you create an amazing podcast!

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