How Much Does it Cost to Turn My Podcast Into a Video?

Let’s explore the benefits of videography in the podcasting world and how you can expand your market reach by filming your podcast.

Podcasts are reaching new popularity heights in Australia with over 90 million downloads among Australians in January 2024. Wonderful news for podcasters and listeners alike, but what about transforming your existing podcast into a video production? What are the costs associated with video services in Sydney?

This article is for those looking to expand their podcasts into the video world, using a video production service. How can a video company in Sydney like AM Visuals help? And why is it beneficial to shoot video and audio?

Let’s explore the benefits of videography in the podcasting world and how you can expand your market reach by filming your podcast. We’ll also explore how much it will cost you to transform your audio-only podcast into a fully-fledged video production.

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Making the Leap From Audio to Video

Making the Leap From Audio to Video: Breaking Down the Costs

The actual cost of production for a “vodcast” can be difficult to quantify, however, the below breakdown should give you an idea of what you can expect to incur.

Production Style

Are you going to be a one-man (or woman) band with a single camera, lens and ring light? Or do you have a large production budget and are aiming for a large studio space with soundproofing, multiple cameras and multiple lights? Providing greater production value with more lights, camera angles, better microphones and video quality will increase your production costs.

However, there’s nothing wrong with starting simply: light, camera, action!

Equipment Costs

Do you already have a mobile phone with a half-decent camera and good audio quality? If so, then that may be all you need to begin your video podcast! Minus, maybe a little tripod to hold the thing steady and level. However, if you’re looking to go a little more professional with your setup, buying a second-hand or brand new camera that’s specialised for video, and either a lav mic or a Rode-style microphone will provide better image and audio quality than your average mobile phone.


Editing is what takes time in any video production. You can find fairly basic video editing software at low cost (or even free), but its functionality will be significantly limited. If you’re intending to make money doing this, then it’s worth investing in professional editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Alternatively, to save you time, you could hire a video production agency to do the editing for you.


Consider where you’ll be filming. Are you renting a studio space? Are you shooting in your bedroom or office at home, or will you be out in public? Renting a studio comes with increased overheads. Start by choosing low or no-cost locations such as quiet areas of parks, or your home office.


Will you hire a video production agency in Sydney to produce your vodcast for you? Or, will you be doing everything yourself? Staffing costs aren’t just wages, consider other staffing overheads like team benefits, staff facilities such as bathrooms or offices, etc.

How to Save Costs as an Aussie Podcaster

As with any creative endeavour, you can’t expect to become the next big thing in the vodcasting world overnight. Saving on costs when you’re just starting is critical; unless you have a large budget! Here are a few tips on how to save on costs as an Aussie podcaster.

Start Simple

You don’t have the budget or the need to produce world-class content overnight. Start simply and focus on producing well rather than often. Churning out two episodes a day is no good if your audio and video quality are atrocious.


Use Existing Equipment

You don’t need the big Rode mic and the $2000 camera and lens set-up to start with. Providing that your phone shoots good video and produces good audio, that will do just fine to start with. Maybe buy a small tripod. Alternatively, you could look at borrowing a friend’s camera and mic set-up for your weekly episode. Although, the more complex your video production is, the more likely you are to need a video company to help with your production.

Invest When Evolved

It doesn’t hurt to invest in hardware or software upgrades, but you should only do this when it makes financial sense to do so. For example, you could be a dab hand at shooting video and audio, but terrible at editing. At some point, it might make sense to hire a video production service to help with the editing side of things.

Collaboration is Key

As with most creative industries, collaboration is key. In vodcasting, this could mean you collaborate for a couple of episodes with another local podcaster that covers a similar topic. Or, it could be that you exchange gear every so often if they have gear that you could use for your productions and vice versa. Collaborating decreases your overall costs and is good community outreach.

Why Your Video Podcast is a Good Investment

Why Your Video Podcast is a Good Investment

You can’t escape the overall costs associated with video production, but turning an audio-only podcast into a video podcast will only ever be a good investment! Consider the following benefits:

Increased Audience Reach

By opening up your podcast to the video world, you can put it online via YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch and more! This will significantly increase your potential audience.

Greater Audience Engagement & Participation

By putting a face to the voice, you’ll gradually increase engagement. People connect far more with what they can see rather than just hear. Using video production to connect with your audience on a deeper level, you’ll encourage them to keep returning to your vodcast week in and week out.

Video productions such as live streams can also encourage audience participation and questions in the chat windows.

Monetisation Opportunities

As you progress through the world of video podcasting, as your YouTube channel grows in audience size, there will be opportunities to make money. Advertisements like Google Ads are a great option for those just starting, along with sponsorship opportunities in the future. Depending on the subject of your video podcast, you can make a lot of money!

Launching Your Video Podcast

Congratulations on feeling ready to launch your vodcast! Putting your face to an audio recording is a courageous thing to do. Whether you’re hiring video services in Sydney, or a one-person show doing-it-all themselves, understanding your potential costs is an important part of any successful business plan.

Remember that creating content that engages with your audience is the most important thing, the rest of the video podcasting know-how will come with time and experience. Contact AM Visuals today to learn how we can help you start your journey into video production and put your face in front of millions of watching Aussies.

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